anicells is a partner in TOLERATE, a European Marie Curie project/training network

The entire team of anicells is proud to be a partner in the recently approved Marie Curie project, the TOLERATE training network. It gives anicells the opportunity to be involved in the training of Doctoral Candidates (DCs) to work in and set up interdisciplinary and intersectoral projects and to acquire the expertise and skills to develop innovative strategies for the treatment of autoimmune diseases, to identify the most promising (combination of) strategies, to set up clinical trials and to develop a roadmap to bring a new therapeutic agent to market.

To all DC’s who wish to be part of this prestigious program and who want to be involved in the development of TCR-engineered Tregs to treat autoimmune disease with iTTP as the model system (DC4) to forward their application as soon as possible to We are eager to welcome you and to share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Published on 17/10/2022