The anicells team is growing

It takes a team of passionate enthousiasts to create, learn and grow with anicells and turn it into a success. Since 2017, Nathalie Cools is one of the leads of the project. Together with Geert Penneman and Paul Minne from POM Antwerp, they’ve build a brand new house for anicells located at the Science Park in Niel, Belgium. But the team is growing… Today, Charlotte Quisquater, Chloé Stessels, Inez Wens, Naomi Ooms and Stefanie Peeters (fltr) – all experts in different aspects of cell therapy and GMP-manufacturing – joined the anicells team. Together, they are turning the house into a home where cell therapeutic products can mature into therapies for patients worldwide. Do you want to know more about the team? Click on the logo’s of the partners on this page.

anicells team