Join us at the final event of anicells 2.0

The EFRO project Anicells 2.0 has concluded, and its findings will be showcased during the ATMP Supply Chain Conference scheduled for February 8th, 2024, in Niel, Belgium, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. Anicells 2.0 has centered its efforts on Advanced Therapy Medicinal Product (ATMP) manufacturing, with a specific focus on the adoption of closed […]

Bedankt om ons te bezoeken op de ‘Dag van de Wetenschap’

Zondag 27 november opende het Wetenschapspark UAntwerpen de deuren voor Dag van de Wetenschap en ontvingen 330 bezoekers. Bij anicells kon je virtueel rondlopen en ontdekken hoe de productie van een celtherapie eraan toegaat. Een unieke ervaring, die velen niet aan zich lieten voorbij gaan. Published 30/11/2022

Kom anicells ontdekken tijdens de ‘Dag van de Wetenschap’

Zondag 27/11 is het Dag van de Wetenschap. Ook anicells doet mee! We verwelkomen je graag in de Darwin incubator op het Wetenschapspark UAntwerpen in Niel. Daar laten we je, met behulp van een VR bril, rondlopen in onze cleanroom en laten we je ontdekken hoe de productie van een celtherapie eraan toegaat. Laat deze […]

anicells is a partner in TOLERATE, a European Marie Curie project/training network


The entire team of anicells is proud to be a partner in the recently approved Marie Curie project, the TOLERATE training network. It gives anicells the opportunity to be involved in the training of Doctoral Candidates (DCs) to work in and set up interdisciplinary and intersectoral projects and to acquire the expertise and skills to […]

Check out anicells’ testimonial during

At the annual event, which took place on September 26 in Brussels, our CEO, Nathalie Cools, shared her vision for the future of ATMPs in Belgium. She also explains how anicells’ CDMO expertise is meeting the growing global demand for ATMP manufacturing capacity. Only through this exceptional know-how, built up not only in anicells, […]

Meet anicells @ the annual event in Brussels

Meet us at the annual event on September 26 in Brussels. Theme of the event: ATMPs! Discover how Belgium is paving the way in Europe and how it can further develop into a center of excellence for these innovative therapies. We are pleased that we are invited to this event to explain our vision […]

Congratulation to the alumni of the first Summer School Program on GMP for Advanced Therapies

GMP Advanced Therapies

From 13 to 15 September, the first ‘Summer School Program on GMP for Advanced Therapies’ was organized in the Science Park University of Antwerp. This program offers students ‘Laboratory Technology and Chemistry’ students from the ‘AP Hogeschool Antwerpen‘ and the ‘Karel de Grote Hogeschool‘ the unique opportunity to truly experience working in a GMP environment, […]

Check the SME BioForum Report on ATMPs

Check out the great SME BioForum report from EuropaBio – The European Association for Bioindustries, dedicated to Advanced Therapies (ATMPs). This report brings together the voice of biotech SMEs and results in a list of recommendations needed to create a sustainable ecosystem for ATMPs in Europe. We are pleased that our QC/QA Manager, Sam Vanleene, […]

End of Summer After Work Drink

End of Summer

For most of us, summer holidays are over. Recharged and full of energy we go back to work. Cheers from our ‘End of Summer After Work Drink’! Do you want to be part of our team? Just send a message to We are always looking for great talents. Published on 08/09/2022

Anicells werft aan/is hiring


Cel- en gentherapieën zijn de behandelingen van de toekomst en dit voor verschillende ziekten. Naast de ontwikkeling van deze therapieën moeten deze ook geproduceerd worden, vaak volledig gepersonaliseerd voor één enkele patiënt. Deze gespecialiseerd productie is de expertise van anicells. Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat veel ontwikkelaars de weg naar anicells vinden. Hierdoor […]